• What is the aspNET Portfolio?

    What is aspNetPOP3?

    aspNetPOP3 is a server component. It requires the Microsoft .NET runtime in order to function properly. aspNetPOP3 is used to programmatically retrieve email from POP3 mail servers, along with managing email messages. 

    aspNetPOP3 also requires aspNetMime (an email/MIME message parsing component), to properly parse email messages. aspNetMime is automatically bundled with aspNetPOP3, free of charge.

    Who needs aspNetPOP3?

    Anyone who needs to check email, in a programmatic manner, can use aspNetPOP3. Some examples of aspNetPOP3 in use are:

    • Building a web based email interface
    • Monitoring mail servers
    • Building an intranet mail application
    • Building a webservce to expose POP3 functionality
    • Building a winform email client